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Your family deserves a comfortable, supportive environment when planning funeral services for a loved one. If you are getting ready for an upcoming event, or you’d like to learn more about preplanning funeral and cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, then our team at Snowden Funeral Home is here to assist.

We offer a full-service approach and an experienced staff. Our approach is to provide every family with personalized, quality funeral services. We know that you are already facing challenges and stress when saying goodbye to a loved one. At Snowden Funeral Home, we provide the hands-on support you need to reduce this stress as much as possible. 

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Planning Funeral and Cremation Events in Silver Spring, MD


As with other major events, the timing matters when you are preparing for funerals or cremations. If you wait until the last minute to address the biggest decisions, you will be rushing to pull everything together in time. 

At Snowden Funeral Home, we have a proven system in place to help with the process of streamlining funeral services. Even if you only have limited time to design these funeral services, we offer the complete care you need. Our streamlined approach to funeral planning gives you a step-by-step system to finish the details of this event right away. 

Additionally, we also have many families who reach out for preplanning support. By coordinating these funeral services in advance, you can be prepared for any timeline that might happen in the future. Sometimes, families take just a few weeks to finalize funeral services when a loved one is sick. This approach enables the individual to participate in the funeral plans.  

Or, preplanning can be done well in advance of your needs. You never know what the future holds, so it’s smart to have a plan in place so your family doesn’t have to face the long list of decisions without your input. Preplanning ensures that your needs are known when it is time for the event to be scheduled. 

Customized Services and Family Funeral Traditions


Do you have a specific plan in mind for the funeral or memorial services? Sometimes, families know where they want to start because they have a clear idea about the family traditions and customs they’d like to include in the event. 

Other times, families begin funeral and cremation in Silver Spring, MD without a specific event in mind. In this situation, we are happy to share information about the possible outcomes. Our team is experienced with everything from modern life celebrations, to small memorials and formal funeral services. We are happy to talk to you about the potential funeral packages, then design an event that is a great fit based on your needs and preferences. 

This customized approach makes it easy to create an event that is sure to leave a lasting memory with attendees. People come to funerals and memorials because they want to find closure in their grief. These services can be both comforting and healing at the same time. The best way to ensure it is an event that will be remembered is by adding the personalized details that are a good fit for your family and friends. 

Choosing a Funeral Package


As you learn about our funeral home, you will see that we offer a variety of packages and services at Snowden Funeral Home. These funeral packages cover the most common services that families desire. A basic package includes just direct cremation, transportation, and administrative support. Or you can choose a mid-level or full funeral package with everything from a viewing to graveside services. 

Choosing a funeral package doesn’t mean you are locked into a specific funeral service. Instead, it acts as the framework that you can use to design a customized service. For example, you are welcome to talk to our team about unique details and traditions you would like to include in these events. 

We serve families from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. Our goal is to provide your family with the exact services you need, helping you feel comfortable and supported through this whole process. 

Getting Started: Talk to a Funeral Director


Where should you go when you are ready to get started with funeral planning? The most important thing you can do is to start a conversation with an experienced funeral director. Contact our team to schedule an immediate consultation. Or, you can book an appointment in the future to talk about preplanning. 

We are a trusted provider of funeral and cremation services in Silver Spring, MD. If you are ready to learn more, then our caring staff at Snowden Funeral Home is here to help. Our funeral home is located at 246 N Washington St, Rockville, MD 20850. Call if you have questions about the available services: (301) 762-2500

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pre-arrangement important?

Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden of your loved ones. It will also alleviate any questions, problems or differences, which can occur among family members. Fill up our pre-arrangement form here.

What is Talk of a Lifetime?

Talk of a Lifetime is a program created by The Funeral and Memorial Information Council designed to help families have meaningful conversations about the things that matter most in their lives. Learn more about it here.

What should I wear in a funeral?

When attending a memorial service or funeral, dress in dark and subdued colors, such as dark blues, grays, browns, and black. Get to know more funeral etiquette here.

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