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Nicholas Dailey Bond

February 14, 2011 ~ November 5, 2018 (age 7)

Diggie’s Journey

Nicholas Dailey Bond was born February 14, 2011 in Silver Spring, Maryland, to Jerald and Kimberly Bond. He was also the younger brother to Miles Bond.

Nicholas began his journey attending JP Hoyer Daycare Center at Andrews AFB, MD.  Nicholas soon realized his childlike sway over the fairer gender during these formative years, delving out hugs at the ready and smiles to any/all adoring daycare providers, male and female alike. It was there he became affectionately known as “Nick Nick”. These same daycare providers would routinely check in and visit Nicholas following his daycare graduation. It was also at JP Hoyer that Nicholas initially realized his love of art and music. It was here where Nicholas began to do artwork, bringing each piece home and presenting it to his muse (mother or father) who drove his artistry for a particular piece of work. This continued weekly, oftentimes daily, as life progressed.

Nicholas moved on to Sherwood Elementary School where he continued to learn, grow, and thrive. Almost Immediately, educators were enamored with his energy, willingness to assist, and outgoing personality.  Nicholas often questioned “Why” as he further discovered his world. He instinctively came to believe there was no one who was not a friend, only those friends yet to be made.  As he explored his world, educators saw in him creativity, and considerable humor.  But most of all, they saw a warm and caring spirit that left an indelible mark on all who crossed his path. In the many discussions with care providers and educators, the dialogue was similar-Nicholas had an infectious spirit and smile that could disarm the most hardened exterior and leave interactions better than before he entered them.

His inquisitive nature was not lost on his parents. His competitive spirit and love of the environment guided his enrollment in a variety of summer camps, sport teams, and weekend outings. Those activities often turned into ride –along and bedtime discussions, and follow-on adventures were always in his forecast to be scheduled.

Nicholas was also known to harbor “fun grudges”. Encounters with folks, particularly adults, could be laced with intentional challenges, debates, game/toy possession grabs, chase-me encounters, etc…leading to further fun engagements. Nicholas, in his wry sense of antagonism, would often cozy up to his mother and other older women, hugging them all the while staring intently at their male counterpart as if to say “You can’t stop me from getting who/what I want.

From the start, Nicholas has been his mother’s son.  While Nicholas loved his Dad (Jerald), he Really loved his mother (Kim).  Oftentimes, he would sigh with discontent when he’d hear it was his father taking him somewhere as opposed to his mother.  But without missing a beat, Nicholas would exclaim” But I love you too, Daddy”(as a consolation).

Nicholas also loved his big brother immensely.  Oftentimes, at morning’s light, one could venture into their shared bedroom only to find Nicholas’ bed empty, with Nicholas in Miles’ bed sharing a pillow, playing Nintendo, or simply talking.  Dad would ask Nicholas “Why did you get in his bed?” to which Nicholas would extol “Because he’s my big brother and I love him.” Nicholas was fond of expressing such love, leading Dad to call them his “Little Diggies” because of their close relationship.

Nicholas leaves to mourn his parents (Jerald and Kimberly), his brother (Miles), an uncle (Jeffrey), and a host of great aunts and uncles, cousins, godparents, and friends.

Nicholas was with us only a short period of time, and there remains a hole in our individual and collective spirit where the scar of grief is forever etched. But “the dash” (sunrise to sunset) he left upon each of us is profound, and one that we will rely upon for sustainment throughout time.

We love you “Diggie,” and will forever cherish your memory.

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